Nevenka Morozin colorful abstract contemporary artist large paintings


Chilean engineer turned artist currently living in California.

Nevenka paints large abstract art to channel experiences onto vibrant, eye-popping works of color.

Overcoming adversity with hope, perseverance through growth, and the duality of home and place — themes emerged from her voyage from Chile to the States and the Awakening thereof.

The legacies of her grandparents, who found refuge in Chile and built Home from nothing but each other, emboldened Nevenka to embark on an American adventure and encounter her Dreams.

"Art is an explosion, an Odyssey, the dark depth and the glimmering surface. It's what reaches out and pulls you in, what loads your spirit and launches it still. Art must urge action, and offer the promise of Beauty Divine. But above all, Art must awaken our dormant Vitality."

- Nevenka Morožin

*Photo: "Storm Clouds - Love" by Nevenka Morožin for Art on 30th.,