Senbazuru: A Symphony of Color and Hope

A painting so vibrant, so full of life,
It brings peace and serenity, banishing all strife.
A rainbow background, a canvas so bold,
With 1000 white cranes, a story untold.
senbazuru abstract large colorful art nevenka morozin japanese

The art piece 'Senbazuru' by Nevenka Morozin is a stunning representation of peace and hope. This 7'x5' painting features a rainbow background with 1000 white cranes assembled in rows and columns on top. The artist has expertly arranged the cranes, giving the painting a sense of harmony and balance. The white cranes symbolize peace, hope, and good fortune, making this painting a perfect representation of these values.

The story behind the name 'Senbazuru' is a fascinating one. In Japanese culture, a senbazuru is a string of 1000 origami cranes that are folded as a symbol of good luck and a wish for longevity. It is said that whoever folds 1000 cranes will have their wish granted. This tradition has become a symbol of hope and peace, and is often used in times of need or as a sign of support for someone in need.

The painting was created using acrylic paint and linseed oil, and was stretched by hand on a handmade stretcher by the artist, Nevenka Morozin. The artist's attention to detail is evident in the finished product, which is not only visually stunning but also durable.


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