Life's charm - "Chaos"


Amidst the chaos, a chimera roars,

Splatters of color, a world in uproar.

Yet in the center, a circular calm,

A gentle reminder of life's vibrant charm.


30"x40" abstract art piece from Nevenka Morozin depicting a red and blue chimera that symbolized the beauty of life's chaos

"Chaos" showcases an abstract chimera, it conveys a deep message about life's chaos and how it keeps everything spinning. The use of red and orange colors in the chimera symbolizes the fiery passion that drives us, while the light blue background represents the calm and tranquility that we all seek. The transition from dark to lighter cyan creates a sense of depth and movement that draws the viewer's attention.

The splatter marks on the painting serve as a reminder that life can be messy, and chaos is an inherent part of it. However, the circular figure in the foreground, formed by a bunch of white scratch-looking-lines, reminds us that chaos can also be beautiful and create a sense of unity. The painting's overall message is that life is both chaotic and beautiful, and it is up to us to embrace the chaos and find beauty in it.

Chimeras have a fascinating origin that dates back to ancient Greek mythology. They were creatures that combined different animals' traits, such as a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail. Chimeras were considered to be symbols of divine power and were often depicted in art as a representation of the fear and awe that the gods inspired in humans.

Over time, the meaning of chimeras evolved to represent the blending of different cultures and ideas. Today, chimeras are often used in art as a representation of diversity and the power that comes from embracing different perspectives.

Overall, the art piece described is a beautiful representation of an abstract chimera. Its use of colors and design elements creates a powerful message about life's chaos and how it can be both beautiful and challenging. Chimeras, with their rich history and meaning, are a perfect representation of this message, reminding us that diversity and embracing chaos can lead to unity and beauty.

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