Spirituality / Materialism - "Awakening"


Two tigers eternally chase,

Material and spiritual in a constant race.

A red spider lily marks an end,

But fire ignites a new beginning to ascend.


Art has the ability to convey complex and abstract ideas in a way that is accessible to anyone, regardless of their background or education. One such example is the art piece "Awakening", a 36"x48" painting that depicts two tigers eternally chasing each other. But this piece is more than just a representation of animals in motion; it is a commentary on the intersection of our spiritual and material sides as human beings.



At the center of "Awakening" is the idea of spiritual awakening. The two tigers represent the duality within us all, our material side and our spiritual side. The material side is concerned with our basic needs such as food, shelter, and security, while the spiritual side is concerned with our inner self, our thoughts, and our emotions. The tigers chasing each other symbolize the constant struggle between these two aspects of our being. The eternal chase represents how both sides are always present, even if one is stronger at a particular moment.

In addition to the tigers, "Awakening" features a red spider lily flower, a symbol of the end of something in Japanese culture. In this case, the ending refers to the before and after we awaken. The awakening process marks a significant change in our lives, and the end of our previous way of thinking or living. It is a moment of transformation that can be both beautiful and painful. The red spider lily represents the idea that something must end in order for something new to begin.

But the new beginning is not without its challenges. "Awakening" also features fire, which symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. This fire represents the new stage we are in after we awaken, but also represents the difficulties we may face during this time of change. Just as a forest fire clears the old growth and paves the way for new growth, our spiritual awakening may require us to burn away old habits and beliefs before we can fully embrace the new.

Overall, "Awakening" is a powerful and thought-provoking piece that reminds us of the constant struggle between our spiritual and material sides. It urges us to embrace change, no matter how painful, and to recognize that the end of one thing marks the beginning of something new. The painting encourages us to explore the depths of our own spirituality and to embrace the challenges and beauty that come with the process of awakening.

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